Sep 17

Details emerge of Honda’s withdrawal from Formula One

Monday, December 8, 2008

More details have emerged over the weekend after the surprise announcement last week of Honda‘s intention to sell its Formula One racing team, Honda Racing F1. The team management, Nick Fry and Ross Brawn, have already announced confidence in their ability not only to find a buyer for the team but also to deliver the performance expected of Honda’s 2009 car. Prices as low as £1 have been put forward as possible prices tags for the Northampton based team, with Honda CEO Takeo Fukui stating that “Just to make the team possible to exist, a small price tag is acceptable”.

On Saturday the Japanese car giant said that before selling the team it was going to offer British driver Jensen Button, who had given the Honda team its only victory, a way out of his recently signed multi-million pound contract with the team so he could try to get a drive with other teams. However, Ross Brawn appears eager to retain the Briton and either retain Brazilian Rubens Barrichello or sign GP2 driver Bruno Senna, nephew of legendary racer Ayrton Senna. At an industry awards dinner, Button indicated his desire for a buyer to be found for Honda, saying any buyer would get “… a great team with excellent facilities. And with the leadership of Ross Brawn, and the whole team as they are, we can come through this and be on the grid in 2009”. Button has also spoken of his shock and pain at Honda’s decision.

Ross Brawn, who was brought into the Honda team with much fan fare before the 2008 season, has spoken of his shock at finding out about the sale of the team. Brawn, who is credited with helping Michael Schumacher and Ferrari dominate Formula One for much of the last decade, indicated he was expected funding cuts and had prepared a reduced budget but hadn’t expected the full withdrawal of support that Honda announced. Brawn has also indicated understanding of Honda’s reasoning, with their sales down 40% in some markets and Honda F1’s £200m+ budget a cost they were unwilling to bear.

Though Honda has committed to providing a budget for the team until March, the budget is lower than that which had been expected and so the team has had to pull out of the crucial winter tests at Jerez. This has denied Formula One hopeful Bruno Senna another test with the team and has combined with the engine implications of Honda’s withdrawal to push the new car’s final testing from January to March, just weeks before the first Grand Prix in Australia. Ross Brawn however remains confident of competing with new Formula One frontrunners BMW Sauber and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has tipped the team as a great buy, saying “I’ve no doubt Honda would have been in top four next year without any problems. They’ve spent a lot of money to put themselves in that position so if anyone does want to be in F1 this is a team they should look to buy. It’s a big opportunity for any company that’s run efficiently to benefit”.

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Details emerge of Honda’s withdrawal from Formula One
Sep 17

Elwood Norris receives 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MIT has announced that Elwood “Woody” Norris, inventor of potentially revolutionary technologies of Hypersonic Sound beams and AirScooter flying vehicles, will receive this year’s Lemelson-MIT prize for invention this Friday, April 22. The prize comes with an award of US$500,000, making it the largest single award for invention given in the United States.


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Elwood Norris receives 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention
Sep 17

Wikinews interviews painter Pricasso on his art and freedom of expression

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wikinews interviewed Australian painter Pricasso on his unique artwork created using his penis, and how his art relates to freedom of expression and issues of censorship. He is to be featured at the upcoming adult entertainment event Sexpo Australia in Melbourne this November 5 to November 8.

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Wikinews interviews painter Pricasso on his art and freedom of expression
Sep 11

First Time Home Buyer Avoid These Costly Mistakes}

Submitted by: Wave City Center

Step out of your place in search of a residential project in Noida and you will come across hundreds of options forth you. Right from an under developed sector to soon going-to-be a well-developed locality, you can find good option for residential property in every nook and corner of the city. However, picking the one that suits best for you can be a considerable decision, for which you are solely going to be responsible.

A perfect home is not the one which has world-class facilities, thoughtful amenities and excellent interiors. Instead, a home becomes perfect if it fits as per your style and makes you feel comfortable when you are inside it. Whether you are buying your first home or are helping someone get theirs, here are few common and potentially costly mistakes that you must certainly avoid by all means:

1. Overestimating what you can afford

One of the biggest mistakes most home buyers commit is to focus only on the down payment and monthly mortgage amount when assessing their affordability. They usually avoid all other costs and are often shocked to see the amount they actually have to pay when they get to the closing. As a buyer, you must remember that monthly payments not only include mortgage, but also taxes, interest and insurance.

YouTube Preview Image

Getting pre-approval for a mortgage loan is a smart idea. Doing so can help you know the amount a bank is willing to lend you, prior to making an offer for a residential project in Noida. However, the pre-approved amount you are going to borrow from a bank is likely to be more than what you can actually afford after calculating certain factors like taxes, insurance and other costs like building maintenance.

2. Letting your emotions hamper your home-buying decision

Don’t get too much attached with any of the residential projects in Noida. Buying a home is also a form of future investment and so getting emotionally attached might end with you spending way more than you can afford or could have got as a deal.

Prioritizing your requirements like what you want to be there in your home is a smart thing to do. You must make a list of significant features like whether you want your office or child’s school in vicinity, modern-styled bathrooms, a backyard, etc. Once the list of your wants has been figured out, identify what you aren’t willing to have there in your home. Narrowing down such essential aspects can greatly help you through the search process.

3. Not planning ahead

Once you are sure about 2-3 residential projects in Noida, make sure you get a thorough inspection done for each of them. Look for the construction planners involved in the planning of the building. Besides, check for construction materials being used if possible. You must also determine certain factors like location, building structure, etc. in case you intend to sell your house in future.

Besides, go with a big and spacious house if you have or plan to have children in near future. Planning ahead and considering your future requirements can help you get a home as per your need and preference.

These above mentioned pointers are some of the mistakes that first-time home buyers generally make, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Attentive consideration of all these points will certainly get you a good home and protect you from spending more than what is actually needed.

About the Author: Wave City Centre is located in the heart of Noida and is spread across sectors 25A and 32. Housing both residential and commercial properties, this impressive development includes luxury apartments, studio apartments, premium offices, mall and multiplex in Noida besides more. Get more information at


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Sep 10

2,000 face redundancy at English steelworks

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Corus Group, the world’s fifth largest steel producer, announced on Friday that it may be forced to mothball its steelworks in Redcar, England. This move would threaten the jobs of the works’ 1,920 employees.

Corus may be forced to close its Teesside operations as a consortium has refused to honour a 10-year contract with Corus’ Teesside Cast Products, which accounted for 78% of the plant’s operations. Corus’ chief executive, Kirby Adams, said he was “extremely disappointed that the consortium members have seen fit to take this irresponsible action.”

Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, said “it is essential that Corus does everything it can legally, and with the government’s assistance, to reinstate the agreement”. Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, shared this view saying, “We are doing everything in our power to ensure that the contract is upheld.” Mandelson also said “we are not prepared to reconcile ourselves to the inevitable closure of this plant”.

The leader of Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, Councillor George Dunning, said “Today is like being hit by a mini earthquake compared to what’s happened in the past.”

Martin Callanan and Stephen Hughes, Tory, and Labour MEPs for North East England, supported the idea that the government should subsidise wages in the plant on a temporary basis. Hughes and Fiona Hall, Lib Dem MEP, suggested that the government should apply to the EU’s Globalisation Adjustment Fund. Hall said “if the worst comes to the worst and jobs are indeed lost, I trust the Government will change its mind and support an application to the European Globalisation Fund in order to fund skills training for those who have lost their jobs.”

This move could “bring to an end a fine heritage of steelmaking at Teesside”, according to Adams. Steelworks in Teesside, which previously belonged to British Steel and Dorman Long, produced steel for famous structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Corus had said it was likely there would be a “very significant number of redundancies” and a 90-day consultation period is due to begin.

Corus’ owner, Tata Steel, are also facing difficulties with another UK operation, automobile company Jaguar Land Rover.

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2,000 face redundancy at English steelworks
Sep 10

Air Mauritania Boeing 737 hijacked

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A hijacked Air Mauritania Boeing 737 passenger plane has landed on Spain’s Canary Islands after making a fuel stop in Western Sahara, officials in Mauritania said today. It was hijacked after the takeoff from the Nouakchott airport.

While on the plane, the man demanded it to be flown to France to seek asylum.

The 71 passengers and eight person crew were let out when the hijacker landed the plane in Las Palmas. Several people were wounded by a gun and the suspect was arrested.

Reports say that it is unconfirmed as to what the man’s motive was. Mauritanian police are still investigating.

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Air Mauritania Boeing 737 hijacked
Sep 10

Australia: Victorian government to trial driverless vehicles on public roads

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Yesterday, the state government of Victoria, Australia announced their decision to trial self-driving vehicles on two of the state’s major connecting motorways, the CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway. The trial is to use autonomous vehicles from automobile companies including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Tesla. The two-year trial is to have three phases.

The cars are to drive alongside commuters, but in public testing a driver is always to be present, as Victorian law requires drivers always keep a hand on the steering wheel. However, in occasional closures of the Burnley Tunnel, with no other drivers to endanger, the cars are to be tested with nobody in the vehicle.

Lane assist, cruise control, and recognition of traffic signs are in the trial’s first phase, expected to complete before the end of the year. This includes monitoring how the driver-less cars respond to road conditions, including lane markings and electronic speed signs.

“Victoria is at the forefront of automated vehicle technology — we’re investing in this trial to explore ways that this technology can be used to reduce crashes and keep people safe on our roads”, said Luke Donnellan, the Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety. He noted, “Ninety per cent of the fault of accidents is human error […] so we know that if we can take out human error we will have less accidents”.

Tim Hansen, Victoria Police’s Acting Assistant Commissioner, said that police had founded a project team to investigate how self-driving vehicles would change policing on roads. “Can we intercept vehicles more safely to avoid pursuits and ramming?”, he asked.

The trial is a partnership between the state government, Victoria’s road management authority VicRoads, owner of the CityLink toll road Transurban, and insurance company RACV.

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Australia: Victorian government to trial driverless vehicles on public roads
Aug 31

Pet Eating Habits: Unique And Interesting}

Submitted by: Rex Smith

Pet Eating habits are very different from that of human beings. You need to understand the mental status of your pet and feed them accordingly. Pet eating habits are unpredictable. You must be lucky if your pet takes adequate quantity of food. Some pets have a tendency of eating too much while others eat very little. It is not always possible for an owner to determine the pets nutritional needs. In that case your vet is the right person to consult. Whether you have a lovely little cat or a sweet pup, its essential to fulfil their dietary requirements. The food requirement of your pet depends upon its age, health, size and activity-level.

Cats usually eat enough to gratify their energy requirements. While dogs might get obese if they have unrestricted access to food. Cats eat slowly and take a small quantity at a time. Dogs are poles apart. Dogs generally finish off everything given in their bowl. So, the owner should be careful while giving them food. The best thing is to measure the amount of food so that your cute pup or dog doesnt overeat.

Some cats also eat in cycles. Their food intake depends on the metabolic rate. If you find that your cat is not eating much, there is nothing to worry unless he has some unnatural symptoms. Dont think that your cat is dissatisfied with the food. Frequent change of brands might lead to more fuss over eating. Try and stick to the dog or cat food brand, which your pet is used to.

If you are having both dogs and cats at your place, you will find them raiding each others bowls. Occasional sampling is perfect for both cats and dogs. But make sure that it doesnt become a regular habit. Sometimes you might have to leave your pet with pet sitters. You need to make the pet sitter aware of the food habits and meal timings of your pet. They will make sure that your loved pet is provided with food of their choice at proper time.

Sometimes you might find your dog or cat chewing non-food items like cloth, rubber band or rocks. There is nothing to worry much as this is not a disorder and the only concern is that these foreign items might cause blockage of intestine. Make the pet sitter you are hiring aware of these bizarre food habits of your pet. Sometimes dogs also have a tendency of consuming faeces. This is not something to be worried about because good quality dog food can help in reducing this trait.

Your pet might lose appetite during certain periods. If the owner is with the pet, he can hand-feed or pet the animal for stimulating hunger. But if you are availing pet sitting services then make the hired pet sitter understand the mood swings of your pet. If simple petting and hand feeding fails to work yu can try making the food more attractive. If the symptoms persist then its better to take the help of an experienced pet sitter.

About the Author: If you want your pet to be healthy and happy even in your absence avail the services of

at affordable rates.


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Aug 15

The Squeeze: Building Homes On Narrow Blocks

The Squeeze: Building Homes on Narrow Blocks


Nellie Daniels

It’s been called the squeeze. For a whole host of reasons, the width of new home blocks has been getting narrower. Whilst sixteen metre blocks and wider are still commonly available, they often command a price premium, and there are fewer of them. What has caused the change? In simple terms, a combination of economics and government intervention.

As land prices have soared, thanks to a scarcity of good quality land near major cities in all the states, so it has made perfect sense to reduce lot sizes to keep them affordable for first home buyers and others. But most significantly, Government at all levels needs developers to squeeze more homes onto their greenfield sites – to create “higher density” housing – both to make the layout of new suburbs more efficient, and to counteract “urban sprawl” that would take new suburbs too far away from city centres.

YouTube Preview Image

For new home buyers, this has created a problem. Whether single or double storey, most home designs have traditionally been broader. So does a narrower block mean you have to compromise on your new home?

Not any more. The designers in major builders have put their thinking caps on, and now there is a plethora of display homes for you to inspect on fourteen metre wide blocks, and even thinner. Yet when you go into these homes they seem just as spacious and light-filled as anyone could want? How has this apparent miracle been achieved?

In one sense, the answer is obvious. Narrower homes have become a little “longer”, so that home owners still get the space they need. This has inevitably produced a compromise. Rear garden sizes have become proportionately smaller to compensate, and homes are often now sited as close to the front of a block as developer guidelines and council laws allow. In simple terms, gardens have shrunk, and homes have grown.

One smart thing to do is to choose a design that suits you, scout out a typical lot, and ask the home builder to show you how that home would look on that very lot. They should have computer software that allows them to position the home on the block for you, and show it to you in 3D, and this service should be free – they want to sell you a home, after all.

Internally, walls get moved around to maximise both flow through the home and a sense of space, and cleverer storage systems to reduce the amount of space allocated to cupboards. Expect to see central kitchen benches with cupboards underneath them now, and even stool seating for informal dining, and in bedrooms, note how walk-in robes are increasingly positioned out of the way behind the bed.

Today’s homes are all about smart use of space. Narrow definitely does not need to mean cramped. Just visit some displays, and see for yourself.

Metricon is a leading Australian

home builder

with a range of

new homes in Adelaide

available in 2011.

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